Interior design

Interior furnishings

Decor, objects and furniture

In beauty and nature we find stillness.

In beauty and nature we find stillness.

The process

By integrating your requests and personal tastes with our style and experience, we communicate and involve you in the decision-making process from start to finish of our design service. Designers present a comprehensive overview with your own design folders that includes moodboards and design charts, detailed graphics and illustrations, and a budget to help you visualize your projects' design and concept.

Preliminary consultation

We listen to your goals and ask in-depth questions to fully understand and target your project. We exchange and contribute preliminary ideas to jointly explore the limits and scope of essential work. A guideline is concluded and a design estimate follows the meeting.

Project management and coordination

There are hundreds of items that need to be ordered and managed throughout the process of building and furnishing a project. We have developed a system to make the design service a clearer process for our customers. Our system allows you to view items in production, prices, links, maintain invoices and provide feedback every step of the way. This allows you to stay fully aware of product costs, items you have approved for ordering, and good communication.

Installation and result

A bright, clean and collected aesthetic.

We mix our favorite materials, styles and eras for a resolutely accessible and sophisticated result. A blend of our signature style with a strong understanding of our clients' personalities and favorite rooms is reflected in every home we design.

Yearly volunteer design service for awareness and non profit projects.


The art of craftsmanship with focus and attention to detail.


composed and organized. Bringing together a variety of crafts to make your space a sensitive and creative hub.