Concept creative development

Strategic space planning

3D visuals

Project management

Production and installation

We mix our favourite materials, styles, and eras for a resolutely accessible and creative result. Every space we design blends our signature style with a strong understanding of your vision and preferences.

Our process

Artcomposé involves you in the design process from start to finish, integrating your requests and personal tastes with our aesthetic and experience.

Preliminary consultation

We listen carefully and ask in-depth questions to be sure we fully understand your needs and goals. We also discuss preliminary ideas and explore the limits and scope of essential work. Following our discussion, we share a guideline and design estimate with you. 

Project management and coordination

Our designers create personalized files included mood boards, design charts, detailed graphics and illustrations, and a comprehensive budget to help you visualize you’re the finished product

We have developed a system to make the design service a clearer process for our customers. Our system allows you to view items ordered or in production, prices, links, and invoices. This ensures transparency and clear communication every step of the way.

Installation and result

Harmonious and collected aesthetic.

We mix natural materials, styles and eras for a resolutely warm and sophisticated result. A blend of our signature style with a strong understanding of our clients' personalities and objectives is reflected in every space we design.

Yearly volunteer design service for social, environmental or non for profit commitments.

Our values

  1. Originality. We celebrate the uniqueness of each client, space, and project, and we recognize originality and authenticity as the key to exceptional design. We infuse each space with its own distinct meaning and story.
  2. Listening. We place our clients at the centre of our work, listening deeply to understand their needs and goals and delivering results that truly reflect their lifestyles and inspire well-being.
  3. Sustainability. We embrace sustainable design practices, minimizing waste and prioritizing the use of regenerative and eco-conscious materials. We believe that design plays an important role in the global shift to a circular economy.
  4. Mindfulness. We believe in mindful relationships with our environments and the objects with which we surround ourselves. We approach each project with care, thoughtfulness, and intention.
  5. Connection. We strive to connect through the spaces we create and the work we do. We collaborate with local artisans, support like-minded organizations, and create opportunities to inspire others to make conscious choices.