Idea book

Our Collaboration with Refill & co

The special collaboration started after a day on the trails of Mont Sutton. I had met the owner on a local terrace and learned about the Refill & co concept, which offers a more sustainable way to shop. It raises awareness on the packaging waste produced merely after one visit to the grocery store. Making self-service, deposit, and zero waste more convenient and accessible to the public was the mandate. I felt an immediate connection to the project due to its sustainability. Working on this type of eco-conscious space had always been a goal.

I had numerous ideas on how to execute a clean modern design with sustainability at the core. Eco-resiliance has always been a personal value, so learning more about the goals and vision was extremely appealing. I think the owner must have sensed my excitement and capabilities in rendering their wishes.


It was challenging to divide the relatively small space to properly display skin care, cleaning, and food products, while also keeping enough storage behind the scenes.

Artcomposé’s design created versatility, piquing intrigue through its functionality and intuitive navigation. We drew some inspiration from Aesop boutiques, where raw materials convey a poetic feeling. We fulfilled the goal of an apothecary style shop, with a large butcher-block-style counter. Here, the consumer would immediately assimilate the values and mission of Refill &co and feel at home to explore its offerings.

In general, I am inspired by spaces and concepts that instill calm.

A minimalist colour palette and contemporary lines allowed the products to shine impactfully. The colours and the materials affected client mood and emotions when they entered the space.

We focused on upcycling through reused and restored furniture instead of buying or having items made, whenever possible. It is always exhilarating to work with various local artisans and trades. They are so generous and talented. We truly appreciate their work.

Collaborating on commercial projects is very different from residential, since we express an idea through colour, shape, and material. Residential design is completely subjective since it is focused on personal history and atmosphere. The Refill &co owners trusted our guidance and their dream of a contemporary apothecary is now a reality.