Idea book

Historic Old Montreal Apartment

Inspired by European apartments and industrial urban buildings, we wanted to restore some of this unit’s original old-world charm, while also offering the family a more functional space. This apartment was previously renovated in an ultra-modern minimalist style, which did not suit the vibrant family with young children.


In this case, we focused on natural stone, Calacatta Marble alongside multiple centre lighting, wall sconces, and lamps to brighten up the home.

Since Roman times, Calacatta marble − found in the Apuan Mountains in Italy − has been used for some of the world’s most memorable landmarks and monuments.

In fact, Calacatta was Michelangelo’s favourite stone with its dramatic veins marbling through a crisp white background.

Artcomposé stained the millwork the same colour as the walls, so they would dissimulate and make the rooms appear larger.

Don’t shy away from preserving the original character of the space with notable remnants.

Key project takeaway

The tension and contrast between the classic decor and the raw, exposed concrete ceilings were striking. We harnessed prominent elements to accentuate the magnificence of the original setting.


We create thoughtful and original spaces for each client, highlighting local, recycled or restored furniture and materials, to create eco-responsible spaces full of meaning and story.